Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a porn site?  It kind of sounds like a porn site.

Sadly, no.  This is a blog, which is a portmanteau of the words bling and fog, because reading a blog is so exciting it’s like being immersed in a million tiny floating droplets of diamond-encrusted jewelry. More specifically, it’s a place to write about things that interest me because the Facebook word-limit is constantly foiling my attempts to do so, and, let’s face it, Facebook is a weak place to express oneself.


  • Why isn’t this a porn site?  Porn sites are awesome, and very popular, I mean, so I hear, from a friend.

I feel like the internet is well-covered, porn-wise.  I’d like to offer the world something in addition to besides porn.  In any event, I have the domain name should my original plan not work out.


  • Why aren’t there more questions here?  I like when FAQs have more than three entries.

Because I just started this, and I can’t predict anymore questions besides the porn ones.  Please submit one of your dumb questions to help fill this out!


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